Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

(Photo: Fireworks at Navy Pier on Dec. 31. 2011: Brent Lewis/Chicago Tribune).

Following our recent trend of forgoing basketball commentary and publishing new posts exclusively on holidays (check out our last several posts -- they mark Christmas, Christmas Eve & Thanksgiving!), Drive and Dish wishes a happy New Year to all our readers and friends. Basketball commentary will likely return in the new future, but we won't be trying to keep up with all the other websites and blogs that hype up every crossover, dunk and loose ball foul from now until the NCAA Tournament and NBA Finals. Drive and Dish is a leaner and meaner operation than we were in our halcyon days of 2007 and 2008. We now have neither the personnel nor the time to cover college basketball and the NBA in a thorough manner. So we'll limit our output to occasions on which we have opinions which warrant new blog posts.

Apropos of our admission that since the economic crash of 2008, this blog has been running short on manpower and on time, it's probably worth noting that we've spent the last several months seeking the guidance of some of the most estimable public relations firms in the land (e.g., some of the most expensive PR firms in the land) to help us meet the challenge of mounting a comprehensive rebranding campaign in spite of our downsizing. After having taken in and deliberated over the combined wisdom of such esteemed PR pros (e.g., having blown through the stash set aside for our 2011 mortgage payments, car payments and utility bills), we've arrived at a new organizational motto: Quality over quantity.

So quality over quantity it is!

We may also upload the occasional DJ mix for all our readers and friends who keep asking us for new mixes (or for old ones that they've yet to hear).

Stay tuned...