Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day/4th of July

Drive and Dish wishes all our American readers and friends a happy 4th of July/Independence Day.  Of course, we hope that all our non American readers and friends have a great day too, but since Americans celebrate their nation's birth every July 4th by picnicking, drinking alcoholic beverages and watching fireworks (sometimes setting them off too), our 4th of July "shout outs" are targeted at our American friends.

Last night, one of the Drive and Dish editors finished playing basketball at a gym in Burr Ridge, IL, and walked out into the gym's parking lot as the Burr Ridge firework show was starting.  So he took a video of the show.

The camerawork gets a little shaky at times (as does most handheld video), but it's nothing major, and it doesn't detract much from the video.  We hope you enjoy it:

Of course, Drive and Dish officially endorses leaving the July 4th pyrotechnics to the professionals.  People who set off their own July 4th fireworks are asking for trouble ... especially if they're drunk.   You don't want to end up like one of these guys: