Monday, April 4, 2016

When the 2016 NCAA Tournament began, we published our handwritten 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket right here on the front page of Drive and Dish (as has been our custom since the early days of this blog).  We predicted that North Carolina would beat Villanova in the 2016 NCAA Championship game.


Tonight, North Carolina and Villanova will, in fact, play each other for the NCAA Championship.

That means that we got the final two teams of the Final Four correct!  So give us a gold star for our prescience, or something!

But do we still think that our prediction of North Carolina winning yet another NCAA Championship will come true?

Yeah, probably so.

In our NCAA Tournament bracket posting, we admitted that we'd viewed too little college basketball this year to consider ourselves experts on the subject of the 2016 NCAA Tournament.  But we also mentioned that we'd seen just enough of the top teams in the Tournament to know which teams were for real, and which were mere pretenders.

North Carolina and both Villanova stood out as being the real deal.  In short, they passed the cliched "eye test" with such flying colors that we forwarded them through to our bracket's National Title game without so much as even glancing at either team's respective Tournament résumé or analytical profile.

Our Championship Game synopsis is as follows:  North Carolina is probably too big, too talented and too deep for Villanova to overcome.  And their best player, Marcus Paige, also happens to be a savvy, experienced senior, which has become a rarity in big time college basketball.  So they'll probably win.  

But Villanova is an outstanding team in their on right, and we wouldn't be at all surprised if they were to pull off what would be a major upset.  That said, talent, size and depth win NCAA Championships.  North Carolina has more future NBA players than Villanova does.  So in the end, North Carolina will probably win.

But despite the presence of North Carolina alums in the family of one of Drive and Dish's editors, we'll be pulling for Villanova.