Thursday, March 20, 2014

Drive and Dish: Return of the Bracket

Drive and Dish has been inactive since last year's NCAA Tournament title game.

Sorry about that.

But just as the city of Chicago's dearly departed rise from their resting places each election day in order to fill out their straight-party ballots, we've returned in order to publish our annual handwritten NCAA Tournament Bracket.

Disclaimer: It's been a long year, and your humble author has viewed a grand total of *four* college basketball games this season.  So our picks are based on nothing more than our general impressions of each team's roster, coaching staff, strengths, weaknesses, health, potential position-by-position match ups against potential opponents and record since the second week of February. 

So even though we have something resembling a general formula for making our picks -- it's a "formula" that's served us pretty well in the past, by the way -- we're completely "winging it" this year.

Thus, without further ado, we issue our 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket: