Thursday, March 19, 2015

Drive and Dish Goes Old School (Again), Fills Out 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket By Hand (Again)

It's been a long time.  Drive and Dish has been silent for the last year.  The last time we posted new content on this blog it was to release our handwritten 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket to the world... and it appeared exactly 364 days ago.

We didn't even continue our long-running tradition of posting a thorough scouting report on Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

We probably owe our readers (those who remain) an explanation for our protracted absence.  But most likely, nobody cares about that. 

So what do our readers care about?

Well, assuming anyone still cares about the Drive and Dish take on basketball, our readers want to see the official handwritten Drive and Dish NCAA Tournament bracket.
Thus, we're obliged to deliver (even though we haven't delivered a damn thing else this year):