Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008 ACC vs. Big Ten Challenge Field Announced

On Thursday, ESPN unveiled the field for next season's edition of the made-for-TV ACC vs. Big Ten Challenge.

More about the upcoming 2008 incarnation of the ACC vs. Big Ten Challenge, via the Illini Basketball Fans Blog:

"The Big 10/ACC Challenge games have been announced by ESPN. This is the ESPN special that takes place over a few days, matching up two of the top conferences head to head. The only problem is, the ACC always wins. I predict the Big 10 will win this one of these years, but I doubt it happens this fall. Here's a list of the games:

Duke at Purdue
North Carolina at Michigan State
Wisconsin at Virginia Tech
Ohio State at Miami
Clemson at Illinois
Virginia at Minnesota
Iowa at Boston College
Penn State at Georgia Tech
Indiana at Wake Forest
Florida State at Northwestern
Michigan at Maryland"

While it's probably a little premature for Drive and Dish to prognosticate those games, our initial impression is that it looks like 2008's Challenge will see the ACC teams wipe the floor with the Big Ten yet again.


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