Tuesday, May 20, 2008

San Antonio Survives New Orleans, Advances to Western Conference Finals

Last night, San Antonio beat New Orleans 91-82 in the seventh and deciding game of the Western Conference Semifinals. San Antonio will face the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The fact that San Antonio prevailed over Chris Paul and New Orleans is notable. New Orleans won the first two games of the series, and Chris Paul absolutely tore San Antonio's defense apart early in the series. And sports commentators of all stripes were quick to write San Antonio's obituary.

San Antonio was said to have suddenly become be too old, too slow and too soft to compete. Their dynasty was officially being written off as a thing of the past.

But then San Antonio figured out a way to slow Chris Paul, force New Orleans to settle for jump shots and expose New Orleans' weaknesses (lack of rebounding, lack of depth, smallish backcourt, etc.).

And San Antonio came back from the brink of extinction to win the series and advance to the Western Conference Finals.

As we noted yesterday, it seems as though the NBA and everyone in the national sports media is rooting for a return to a Celtics vs. Lakers NBA Finals (just like the old days). Here's to hoping for a San Antonio vs. Detroit Finals (just like 2005).

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