Friday, June 6, 2008

Chicago Botches Collins Deal, Continues Coaching Search

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Doug Collins will not be the next coach of the Chicago Bulls after all. Based on the Tribune's report, it sounds like Collins and Chicago Vice President of Basketball Operations John Paxson wanted the deal to go through, but Chicago Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf vetoed the deal:

"Sources said Paxson signed off on Collins' hiring. Reinsdorf consistently and publicly has said he never tells his general managers whom to hire but that he can exercise veto power.

Collins refused to comment when asked if Paxson had made it clear he wanted Collins as his coach. But Collins said he understood Reinsdorf's hesitations because the two have become extremely close since Reinsdorf fired Collins in July 1989. Collins had just led the Bulls to the Eastern Conference finals.

'I understand if Jerry had concerns about firing me again,' Collins said. 'My whole thing is you can't enter into an agreement with somebody if down the road, you think there's a chance for failure."


The Chicago Sun Times' Jay Mariotti says: Oops, Reinsdorf did it again.

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