Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SMU Basketball Team Travels Africa to Better Understand Teammates

Southern Methodist University's men's basketball team has spent part of it's summer touring Africa, for the purpose of helping it's players better connect with their African teammates.


pablo escobar said...

Am I supposed to care about where SMU's crappy basketball spends its summer? Why would anyone care about this?

People at SMU probably don't even care about this.

I didn't even know that SMU had a basketball team.

You need to get out more .....

And you need to get laid.

a. zimmerman said...

Senegal can kiss my ass. Akon is from Senegal. I hate Akon because he banged my 14 year old daughter backstage at the B96 B Bash last summer.

Screw Senegal, screw Akon and screw B96.

horny horned frog said...

smu basketball = who cares!