Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Basketball Season Nears; Tidbits Returns

The leaves are falling from the trees, nightfall is coming earlier every day, college basketball teams began practicing last Friday and NBA training camps have been grinding it out for two weeks. Drive and Dish has been slumming for the last few months, but with Fall in full session and basketball season on the horizon, the Drive and Dish editorial board has elected to resurrect the ever popular Drive and Dish "Tidbits" series:

1.) Tuesday night, rookie point guard Derrick Rose scored 30 points as his Chicago squad beat Dallas 109-105 in NBA preseason action.

Drive and Dish readers may ask "who the hell cares about the results of NBA preseason games?" And normally, they'd be absolutely correct to pose such a question. But last night, Derrick Rose (a 19 year old rookie point guard) served notice to the rest of the NBA that he has the (rare) ability to take games over.

Rose will likely have ups and downs over the course of his rookie campaign, but anyone who's caught as much as a glimpse of his play during the preseason should understand that the kid is the real deal. And one would suspect that opposing NBA guards will understand that in short order as well.

2.) Shawn Siegel, of, talks to New Mexico men's head basketball coach Steve Alford:

"Our goal is to win the Mountain West Conference and get into the NCAA Tournament. After that, we want to be in a position to advance as far as we can in post season play."

3.) Big East coaches have picked UConn to win the conference and have named Notre Dame's Luke Harangody Big East preseason Player of the Year.

4.) UNC Asheville's 7'7" center Kenny George, the tallest player in college basketball, will be sidelined for the 2008/09 season -- and likely for good -- amid reports part of his right foot was amputated.

5.) Georgia Tech senior D'Andre Bell is out for the year too, due to the discovery that he suffers from the congenital condition spinal stenosis. Bell plans to undergo surgery to correct the disorder.

6.) Santa Clara center John Bryant has returned to the court after having been stabbed three times at the beginning of the school year (Bryant was stabbed three times during one altercation, not stabbed in three separate altercations).

Bryant figures to be an NBA prospect, but, nonetheless, one wonders if Bryant has ever considered pursuing a career as a hip hop artist. After all, 50 Cent's hip hop career took off largely because he had the street cred of having been shot nine times (it certainly didn't take off because of his superior lyrical flow). I don't know if Bryant can rap, but now that he's been stabbed, he's definitely got his street bona fides.


clemson clyde said...

Man, Harongody cant play. He's only POY for one reason.......cause his big caveman lookin ass iz white. And u know datz da truth!

wrigleyville illini said...

What's up with the love for Boy Wonder Alford? Seriously, WTF dude? Maybe I missed something .... maybe Alford piled up Sweet Sixteens and Final Fours in Iowa City. (I'm sorry, but anging banners in the rafters of Carver Hawkeye Arena for NIT appearances doesn't do much for me.)

I guess my feelings about your link to the Alford interview could be summarized by two words .... who cares!

VeRonda said...

You know, for me, the theme for both pro and college has been injuries... One after the other, everyone's getting hurt, which sucks for picks!

Have Jumpshot Will Travel (a.k.a. Trashtalk Superstar) said...


Injuries are just part of the game. They may suck for making picks, but they suck a hell of a lot more for the athletes and for the coaches/teams that were depending on the injured players' contributions.

The good news is that, thanks to advances in orthopaedic surgery, even the most serious sports injuries can be corrected. Major sports injuries aren't the career enders that they used to be (as recently as 20 years ago).

But Kenny George had part of his foot amputated. I'm not sure how he's supposed to come back from that.

And the other guy (Santa Clara's John Bryant) was out because he got stabbed three times. As I said before, injuries are part of the game. But missing practice time and/or games because you got stabbed isn't exactly a common sports injury.

Coaches know that they run the risk of losing players to injuries. But I doubt that most coaches expect to lose their players to stabbings ... unless, of course, they coach for the Cowboys, and Pac Man Jones and Tank Johnson are on their team.