Friday, December 19, 2008

Ole Miss Coach Charged With Assaulting Cab Driver

Thursday night, the University of Mississippi's basketball team lost to Louisville 77-68. But that's not why the Ole Miss Rebels are in the news. The media has suddenly become interested in Ole Miss basketball because the Rebels' head coach, Andy Kennedy, was charged with assaulting a cab driver. Deferring to the presumption of innocence, I will respectfully withhold comment on Coach Kennedy's case. One hopes that the Ole Miss administration will also wait until the facts come out before they take action, although considering the extent to which political correctness saturates every aspect of life on America's college campuses, not to mention the notoriously risk averse decision making inclinations of university administrators, Mr. Kennedy would probably be well served to get a real estate license, or to consider selling insurance.

I will say one thing: if he's guilty, he's got to go. But I question why a white guy who came up in the urban friendly culture of the basketball world, and whose players are primarily black, would hurl racial epithets at an African cab driver (the accusing driver hails from Mauritania). However, if the charges are true, and/or he's found to be guilty, it will be terrible for his team and for his university. Time will tell: Kennedy has a Jan. 16, court date.

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