Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alabama High School Player Hits 82 Foot Buzzer Beater to Win Game

Since the recent advent of easily accessible internet video, low quality, homemade videos of crazy circus shots from high school basketball games have become commonplace. It seems like every week, there's a new viral video of some kid making an improbable prayer shot. Here's this week's entry:

Alabama high school basketball player sinks 82 foot game winner.


79th Street Dre said...

So what!!! I done made that shot so many times I aint even tryin to count no more. I mean, I make a shot like dat damn near erey time I hoop, mane. Know what I'm sayin. Thatz how we do on da SOUTH SIDE, mane!!!!!

Toki Wartooth (Joe) said...

thanks for the comment on my sight Jumpshot, Good to see you posting again, I have always dug your basketball thoughts