Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Drive and Dish has been on summer/post basketball season hiatus since the '10 Final Four. As a result, we haven't posted anything since April. There are a few posts from the spring and summer that we started but didn't finish which currently reside in the Drive and Dish "drafts" file. Even though they're quite dated by now, it's possible -- maybe even likely -- that they'll eventually be posted, particularly in the case of draft posts that deal with interesting or important issues which we'd like to have in our archives for future reference. In the mean time, we'll try to weigh in with some thoughts about college (and possibly NBA) basketball on a semi-regular basis .

Last year we ran a special Thanksgiving post that had utterly no content related to basketball, but which contained a brief rundown on the history of the holiday and an exclusive hour-long (plus), up-to-the-minute house music DJ mix by Drive and Dish contributor/editor Trashtalk Superstar. We don't have a new house mix to offer this year (although stay tuned -- more mixes could make their way to Drive and Dish in the not-too-distant future), but we do offer the following: our sincere wishes of a happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all our readers and their extended families.


drunk idiot said...

woohoo!!!!!!! im drunk!!!!!!!!!!!

drunk idiet said...

oh yea!!!!!! im drunk again muthafu**a!!!!! LOL!!!!!! wooohooo!!!!!

Sister Therese said...

Young man

You must feel a lot of pain and coldness in this world. I wish to show you a place that will make you feel special giving you a natural high. It is not at a square-dance hall or even a hoot like knitting, but rather an evening out on downtown at church. I want to help you reach this high. Please respond to where we can meet and I will help show you to the light.


Sister Therese

drunk idiot said...

suster tereese,,,,,hell ya letz meet up cuz im drunker then kidd rock at a white trash grain alochol drinkin contest and im lookingh for somebody to hookup with!!!!! LOLOLZ!!!!

Sister Therese said...

Young Man,

We should hook up for a retreat and some hot cocoa. I will send the church van your way and we'll begin with a prayer, then lunch with some delicious apple pie. We can make snow-angels and more. It will be a hoot.

Warm Holiday Regards,

Sister Therese