Thursday, January 13, 2011

Florida State Upsets No. 1 Duke

Yesterday, Drive and Dish returned to posting about basketball (sort of) when we explained why we didn't run a blog post predicting a Penn State upset win over No. 16 Illinois, despite the fact that we expected Penn State to win. It's become routine for Penn State to upset Illinois. It happens almost every year. Illinois may have been heavily favored to win Tuesday night's game, but Penn State has had Illinois' number over the years.

Similarly, the mighty Duke basketball program has been upended by unheralded Florida State several times in recent years. Just as Illinois always seems to struggle when they play at Penn State, Duke seems to struggle when they're ranked No. 1 and they play Florida State on the road in Tallahassee. Florida St. upset a top-ranked Duke team in 2002 and upset another top-ranked Duke team in 2006. We never, however, imagined that Duke would have trouble with Florida State this year. Given Duke's previously unblemished record, season-long No. 1 ranking (obviously, having a No. 1 ranking doesn't mean that a team is unbeatable; we cite Duke's No. 1 ranking only because Duke has been the clear No. 1 team this year), and seeming clear superiority over all other teams in college basketball this year, we figured that coach Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils would take the Seminoles out pretty easily this time.

We were wrong.

Florida State upset Duke 66-61.

The loss won't set Duke back much, if at all. In fact, it may not be a bad thing that Duke got the "undefeated" monkey off their backs in the second week of January. They won't have to slog through their ACC intra-conference schedule with the added pressure of trying to be the first team to go undefeated since Bob Knight's 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. They weren't going to go undefeated anyway. Nobody does that in today's game. Now they can stay entirely focused on winning the conference, winning the ACC Tournament, and winning the NCAA title.

(Photo -- Florida State fans rush the court after Florida upsets No. 1 Duke: AP Photo/Steve Cannon)


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Hey Dr. Rockso :)

Love the Wikipedia entry!! Axel Rose was my first crush *blush* Quite creative you are. You haven't sent your e-mail address. I'd love to figure out if you're a true rocker or just a quick opening act ;) A real rocker has his own staff to fulfill his "medical needs." So if you're ready to jam, send me that gmail address ;)



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Young man Dr. Rocks,

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Lionel Richie Forever said...

Dr. Rockso RULES!!!!!

Joliet Jorge said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Have Jumpshot Will Travel (a.k.a. Trashtalk Superstar) said...

Butler Bob,

Good to see that you're alive and well. Does Bertha Jenny still have a thing for Mark Buckets?

Sister Therese,

Thank you for frequent visits to this site. Your concern for the Drunk Idiot, Dr. Rockso and the other lost children of Drive and Dish serves as a good example for us all. You seem to care more about them than they care about themselves. May you stay in good health and continue to fight to bring light into the world for years to come.

Dr. Rockso,

Drive and Dish has always tolerated your rambling, cocaine-fueled comments, but you crossed a line when you hacked into our email account. Our legal department is now involved in reviewing your illegal use of our account, and law enforcement has been made aware of the situation. Better make sure you don't have cocaine on your person when they pay you a customary friendly visit.

Lionel Richie Forever said...

You should give him a column on Drive and Dish. Dr. Rockso is the shizznizzle! He can do it like nobody else can. Keep on rockin' Dr. Rockso! Don't let no stupid nun or any bureaucracy keep you from jammin.

Butler Bob said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cindy said...

Dr. Rockso,

Look, I find you really creative and funny. However, I don't want to play games either. Either you send me a gmail account - which you can easily set up in the time it takes to "hack" - or we go our separate ways. I would really love to meet you sometime. However, I need to know how you are feeling about everything. We're no longer in High School so I really believe we can communicate openly and honestly.

Blogpeople: I realize this doesn't pertain to basketball - my apologies.



Dr. Rockso said...

C-c-c-cindy......dr. rockso gonna get that email address real soon. dr. rockso aint had time to sign up for no email cuz dr. rockso been real busy lately............doin cocaine!

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Jeff Otah said...

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Marjorie Wilson said...

Dr. Rockso, I'm a friend of Cindy's involved in Event Planning. She's told me all about you, so I had to check out this "basketball" blog. We'd be interested in talking to you about a comedy event you'd get to speak at. There's dinner involved as well. You'd have to cover your own transportation expenses. Hopefully that won't be an issue, wink wink. Hopefully that'll get you to set up that gmail account, lol.

- Marjorie

Alvaro said...

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Tina Turner Wannabe said...

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The H Word said...

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drunk idiot said...

guess who'se drunk again son!!! been drinkin since i woke up at about 1pm. seen my buckeyes stay undefeated. started gettn my shitface on during teh game kid!!!!!!

drunk idiot said...

jus stopped pukin from last nite. im hung ovah like charlie sheen after a nite out with mickey rourke. got mah drank on last nite kid!!! and just startin to get my buzz on rite now son!!! milwuakeez best with shots of henny and patron!!! gotta get thiz party started b4 teh packers kik off. gonna be well oiled by pregame. gonna be wearin my aaron rodgers jersy & spittin game at all the shawtiez in the place. i effen loves me some aaron rodergs, no homo!!!

teh bearzz still sukk!!!!

poopy pantz said...

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