Sunday, May 11, 2008

ACC Unhappy About Only Getting 4 NCAA Bids, Mulls Changes To Increase Number of Bids

At the ACC spring meetings, league coaches and administrators complained that their conference only received 4 bids to the NCAA Tournament this year.

As Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton told the Charlotte Observer:

"'When it appears that we're always one of the top one or two conferences in the country, it's hard for me to figure out why other conferences or other teams are receiving more bids than us,' said Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton."

What's more, the ACC coaches and administers devised a plan to increase the league's bid in the coming years:

"ACC Commissioner John Swofford has sent a letter to the Division I men's basketball committee requesting that conference strength be added to the list of criteria considered when the NCAA tournament field is selected.

Coaches say they plan to remind the media more often next season about the conference's strength."

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Toki Wartooth said...

You mean to tell me that up to this point ACC coaches haven't really been pushing the strength of their conference. I'm afraid to see what they consider stressing the conference next year will be.No Conference has been pumped up so much for so long,by so many, but last year the plain fact was both the Pac-10 and Big XII were far better than the ACC, and thus received more bids.