Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dallas to Introduce Carlisle Today

Dallas will formally introduce new coach Rick Carlisle to the media today.


Butler Bob said...

they be usin them machines to be makin them professional athlete. Uh huh. Uh huh. At least they be callin themselves pros. many them programs be pretendin to be beein them student athlete teams. Butler be beein a real student program.

clemson clyde said...

Man, Dallas just wheeled out another muthafu@#in' retread white boy basketball coach.

I see how it is. Fire a brotha and bring in anotha cracker ass muthafu^%a to take a brotha's job!!

Aint that a muthafu**a!!!

Why they aint bring in Mark Jackson or Bernie Bickerstaff or Isiah?

I think we all know why.

Same reason tha Knickz fired Isiah and brought in some Italian daygo cracka retread. I mean, the man already say he wanna trade or get rid of my boy Stephon and wanna bring in Steve Nash punk white azz instead.

You know, same damn reason all them cracka azz rednex in West Virginia aint vote a brotha for president, know what I'm sayin.

Milwaukee hires a white boy. The Knicks hire a white boy. Charlotte fires a brotha and hires an old azz white dude. Dallas fires a brotha so they can hire a white boy.

Just watch. Chicago Bulls goin' hire anotha damn cracka azz coach too.

Mark Jackson can't get no love, know what I'm sayin.