Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Misty Hyman vs. Dick Trickle

Back in the 1990's, Harry Colon was a starting safety for the Detroit Lions. Although his career turned out to be short-lived, Colon was one of the most underrated defensive backs -- and one of the toughest guys -- in the NFL during his day. But I always thought that Harry Colon had the most unfortunate name in sports. Little did I know that guys named Pete LaCock, Dick Pole and Dick Trickle had preceded him (well, I did actually know that Pole had been the Cubs' pitching coach at one point, but I didn't realize that he'd actually been a Major League player).

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, I guess.

And just in case you're similarly under-informed with regard to your knowledge of athletes who have made it big, despite possessing unfortunate names, Top Ten Chicago Sports enlightens us with the "Top Ten Names In Sports You Might Not Want to Have."


Thanks to a reader comment left by "Buckeye Tom," I hereby declare that, in being excluded from the list, Red Cox was given the shaft.


buckeye tom said...

How could you leave out Red Cox?

I mean, who the hell would go by the name Red Cox?

Red Cox played in the majors for 2 entire weeks in 1920:


cedar falls hawkeye said...

ever since i was hooked up to that catheter in the hospital, i been havin' dick trickle problems. i mean, i just cant hold it anymore. when i gotta go, i gotta go ...... right there and then. know what i mean?

its a bitch. but there aint nothin i can do. when the ol' bladder fills up, the piss just starts tricklin' out.

i pretty much quit drinkin' coffee for that reason.

Anonymous said...

What about the legendary Letterman running bit with Dick Assman? Dick Assman was a real guy who had a gas station that Letterman used to frequent, before he got so famous.

And I think Dick Assman's brother was named Harry Assman. I'm not kidding.

Have Jumpshot Will Travel (a.k.a. Trashtalk Superstar) said...

Cedar Falls Hawkeye,

Sorry to hear that.