Sunday, September 28, 2008

Navy Upsets Wake Forest

On Saturday, Navy traveled to Winston-Salem, NC, and upset #16 Wake Forest. It marked the first time in 23 years that the Midshipmen have defeated a ranked opponent.

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The Drive and Dish editorial board has a longstanding policy of attempting to remain objective with regard to our observations and commentary, despite the fact that our usual subject matter -- sports -- is known to be one of the most passion inducing subjects on Earth.

But, former Drive and Dish ACC expert Mark Buckets' Duke-centric musings aside, our typical editorial style presents opinion and commentary from the perspective of a relatively dispassionate observer (give or take a few personal admissions of sentimentality).

However, Drive and Dish throws objectivity out the window when it comes to the service academies. We don't hide the fact that we root for Army, Navy and the Air Force Academy.

No Division I student athletes are subject to a more rigorous combination of athletics and academics than the student athletes at the service academies. And the typical day at a service academy is so structured that student athletes have precious little, if any, free time. And the academies are anything but NFL or NBA "factories" -- each student athlete makes a 5 year military commitment upon the completion of his/her studies.

All of those factors make it extremely difficult for the academies to compete at the high Division I level. Which makes Navy's victory all the more impressive.

So congratulations to Navy. November 15, (the date on which Navy plays host to Notre Dame in Baltimore) seems like it's practically just around the corner.

(Photo: Baltimore Sun)

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