Monday, September 22, 2008

Sacramento's Abdur-Rahim Retires

Sacramento forward Sharif Abdur-Rahim has announced his retirement from the NBA. Abdur-Rahim cited a recurring knee injury and his subsequent struggles to return to "the condition and level that is needed to play in the NBA" as his reason for leaving the game.

Abdur-Rahim played for four teams in his 12 year NBA career. He has career averages of 18.1 points (.452 FGs, .297 3FGs, .810 FTs), 7.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.



A couple of Drive and Dish readers have pointed out that, for the month of September, every Drive and Dish post has dealt with overwhelmingly negative subject matter: an athlete's retirement, the suggestion that an athlete should retire, athletes whose injuries will sideline them for the season, the death of a coach and the alleged bankruptcy of a major American corporation.

Apparently, some people sense that Drive and Dish has taken on a macabre tone and wonder if everything is all right in Drive and Dish land. Others, such as e-mailer (and deep thinker) "Jack Handy" and commenter "Wrigleyville Illini," have noted that Mark Buckets has not written on Drive and Dish for months, and are asking if I'm trying to send a subtle hint about the potential blogging retirement of Trashtalk Superstar, and/or the retirement of the Drive and Dish blog.

Interesting observations.

As for the answer:

Stay tuned.

Update II:

Apparently, my "answer" to the e-mailers' questions was a bit too cryptic. Fair enough. I guess it was pretty cryptic. But for the record, I wouldn't have instructed readers to "stay tuned" if I didn't intend to keep generating new content.

"Stay tuned" was intended to be coy, not cryptic.

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wrigleyville illini said...

Dude, are you OK? Your posts have all been so negative lately. One day you write about someone who gets a season ending injury. The next day you write about someone who is retiring, or you write about someone who should think about quitting. Then you write about a company that might be going chapter 11 and someone who died.

Are you trying to tell us something?

Are you crying out for help?

What's up witchu, bro?