Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Drive and Dish. Due to massive staff layoffs over the last two and a half years at our palatial Drive and Dish corporate headquarters, we've been a bit shorthanded ( the mail room guys really got hit hard; everybody here feels bad for them), and haven't been able to keep the franchise running at full strength. As such, the volume of our posts has dropped off significantly since 2008. But as basketball season picks up in 2011, we'll be posting occasional commentary on college basketball, and to lesser degree, on the NBA.

Until then (or at least until our annual, "very special" New Year's post), we extend our sincere wishes of a very Merry Christmas to all our readers, and to their families and friends. And no, we're not political correctness enforcement-freaks who want to get rid of Christmas, or scared little wuss-boys who say "happy Hannuhkwanzaaramadan," "happy Winter solstice," or "happy holidays" because we're afraid to say "Merry Christmas." If you're offended by the Christmas precepts of peace on Earth and good will to men (regardless of your cultural background, religious faith, or lack thereof), it's probably time to take inventory of your life. It's almost certain that you're a miserable prick who should go forth and screweth thy self.
Really, religious issues aside, who could possibly be against peace and good will toward men!?! Merry Christmas!

(Picture: "Oh Christmas Tree," Jesse Barnes, 1992).


drunk idiot said...

hey dude, im drunk a gain!!! lol!!! still drunk from teh otha nihte lolz! chrismase shouldnt come on a saturday, cuz i got dreunk on fruday nite and stayed shitfaced all weekend!!!! lol!!!! had ta get my drink on for teh packers game, dude!!! lolz!!!

drunk idiet said...
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drunk idiot said...

HAHA!!!!! i just puked on some dudez new jordons!!!!!! LOL!!!!! and rite in ffront of 2 cops!!!! haha!!!! didnt even say nuthin to me cuz IM a pimp son!!!!!! haha!!!!! LOLZOLZZZOLZ!!!

drunk idiet said...

hay.....anybody know where i can buy some fake poo?????

drunk idiet said...

happy newww yurrr!!!!!!! party peopole......letz git thiz party started!!!!!!!!!! haha. actually i already started rite after i woke up today!!!!!! im drunk again son!!!!! woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!! LOL!!!


yo i gotz madd skillz wit da rokk son! i brake yo ankelz all day n nite son!!!

chek diz:

Helmut said...

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Dr. Rockso said...

Hey, check out c-c-cwhat dr. rockso did for c-c-c-christmas!!!! Gues what....... cocaine!!!


Anonymous said...

Young man Dr. Rocks,

You consistently ignore my pleas to bring you a better high, and that is at the church. You need the light of salvation to shine in your life. That would be a hoot. Just leave your address and we will send our church van to pick you up. I will even bring you some hot coco. Nobody can turn that down.

With Warm Holiday Glee,

Sister Therese

Dr. Rockso said...

S-S-S-Sister Anonymous.....c-c-c I'm always lookin for a better high!!! I don't c-c-ccare if I get high in a bathroom stall room at the Viper Room, or if I get high under the table in a booth at T.G.I. Friday's, or if I get high in the back of a church (even though I'm more uh, partial to c-c-c-synagogues), or even if I get hiiiigh in the van on the way to church!!! I c-c-c-don't care where I gotta go to get high.....all I care about is gettin high!!!!

I do c-c-c-cocaaaiiine!!!!

Seriously, shitloads of c-c-cocaine!!!

Oh yeah, and just for the record, Dr. Rockso ain't never gonna turn down no hot c-c-c-coco coco cococaine!!!!