Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scouting Santa

Drive and Dish has a Christmas Eve tradition of posting detailed scouting reports on Santa Claus. This year, our advance scouting team has been either crunched for time or under the weather and, as a result, hasn't had the occasion to write up a current scouting report on the jolly old elf. So we'll have to refer all who are looking for the inside scoop on Santa to last year's scouting report.

But for those looking for a history of St. Nicholas, our 2008 scouting report contained several links to historical information on St. Nick (our 2007 scouting report took license with the history of St. Nicholas and developed a narrative that followed the man through his transformation from church father, saint and Bishop of Myra to "man-myth-legend" of European and American St. Nick/Father Christmas//Sinterklaas traditions. Finally, a new book documents the historical St. Nicholas through his transformation from Bishop of Myra to Santa Claus.


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